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iPhone® veterinary ECG

1st iPhone®* portable device®*
of electrocardiography

*Compatible with all Iphone®.

Sold by
At the price of

excluding taxes

Multiple benefits…

  • Polyvalent

  • Fitted for a wide range of animals for all routine examinations and pre/post-surgery check-ups.
  • Profitable

  • Conceived to produce reliable ECG with less constraints, more easily and more rapidly.
  • Intuitive

  • A lesser stressing exam for the animal, and no more shaving in most cases.
  • Accurate

  • Excellent clinical quality, with accuracy proven by the frequency and rhythm in comparison to traditional devices.
  • Portable

  • A non-bulky ECG device for a hassle-free mobility around and outside the clinic.
  • Interactive

  • Secured archiving of ECG with personalised notes and information, storage in the iPhone® and/or on the Cloud for immediate analysis, direct emails sending and printing.


iPhone® ECG veterinary
simple to install and use …

The device, entirely automated, simply clips as a normal iPhone® case and communicates via the free smartphone application AliveECG Vet downloadable at the App store

Once the free AliveECG Vet application is installed on your iPhone® and your personal account created on the Website you are ready to proceed to ECG examinations.

On your secured personal space on the website, you will have, at any time and place, access to your archived ECG.
Thanks to your ECG personal space, you can analyse, print and share your ECG as well as writing feedbacks based on your previous experiences.

Download the presentation document

You are interested in getting our ECG for veterinary.

It is available at the price of 335€ excluding taxes.
Do not hesitate to contact our sales desk at +33(0)3 83 67 82 17 or send us an email to the following address , we will come back to you as soon as possible upon receipt of your query.
Please specify your iPhone® version.

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