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Dogs and cats testing : Cyno-DIAL and Feli-DIAL


Itching, but also hair loss, vomiting and frequent diarrhea or recurrent ear infections in dogs or cats can be a symptom of chronic and sometimes serious disease: allergies.
Once your differential diagnostic is carried out, if you suspect a food allergy, a simple solution exists to help you make the elimination diet successful and to confirm or not the food allergy diagnostic.

Galileo Diagnostics has developped Cyno/Feli-DIAL® to answer specifically to this clinical need: find, amongst the hypoallergenic foods available on the market, those that will be tolerated by the animal.

The Cyno/Feli-DIAL® tests are performed using the animal’s serum. A simple blood sample is taken by the veterinarian and within 72 hours1, you will receive the complete results and specific recommendations on the food to favour during the elimination diet.
Cyno/Feli-DIAL® are based on routine technology that has proven its specificity and reproducibility: immunoblotting. The test detects the presence of specific IgE for each of the allergenic protein contained in the various food preparations tested.

The results from our laboratories are simple, clear and therefore directly interpretable.


Highly reliable and specific tests performed by Galileo Diagnostics are based on 10 years of expertise in immunoallergology of its parent company, Genclis, and its experience in the development of innovative tests in humans and animals created to meet the needs of clinicians.

1 Upon receipt of the materials in our laboratories in Nancy, France.

Presentation of a Cyno/Feli-DIAL® :

Test presentation for a
better comprehension
(test visual)
based on
test result

Example of a result obtained with Cyno-DIAL® :

Pist 1 shows a sensitization of the dog on its common food by the IgE.

Pists 2 to 5 are alternatives food that the veterinary wishes to test in order to choose the appropriate elimination diet of the dog.

Only the alternative on Pist 5 does not show any sign of sensitization.

Cyno-DIAL® therefore suggests to use the aliment of Pist 5 to put the elimination diet into place.


Cyno-DIAL® and Feli-DIAL® tests were developed by GENCLIS
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