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D-EYE vet

D-EYE easily attaches to an Apple smartphone*
creating an ophtalmic camera for vision care
screening and evaluation

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*Compatible all Iphone®

NEWS : New Bumper, No screws and easily adaptable


D-EYE is useful for :

  • D-EYE can be used to conduct entire eye examinations and retinal screenings anywhere in order to allow clinicians to :
    • See the optic nerve head without dilation drops
    • Look for neurological disorders associated with the eye
    • Record images without dilation drop


  • Many medical conditions can be identified via retinal imaging
    • Glaucoma
    • Diabetic retinopathy
    • Age related macular degeneration
    • Undilated child
    • Macular hole
    • Optic glioma

Here are some examples of fundus examination made with D-EYE vet :


D-EYE vet simple to install and use …

Step by step Instructions:

Mount the D-EYE frame on your smartphone (A specific frame is used for each smartphone – to specify on order)

Attach the optic lense on the frame. It is magnetised and has polarizing slots to adapt to the various smartphones

Lauch the D-Eye application, launch ‘retinal screening’

Enter the name and/or animal data, choose the eye to be examined, choose the multishot or video option, start the examination

Direct the device towards the eye and start recording

Save the data. They will be available in your archive (date/time of the exam and animal data saved with the series of photos or video)


Video presentation of D-EYE vet


Partnerships with :

  • Harvard University (Neurology)
  • Brown University (Emergency Medicine)
  • S.U.N.Y Buffalo Ross Eye Institute (Pediatric Ophtalmology)
  • University of Pennsylvania (Ophtalmology)

Example of photographs by Dr. Dulaurent:


Retinal Oedema 3yo spayed maledomestic short haired cat OD immune mediated hemolytic anemia unknownorigin

Horse Male 6yo OD normal

Brittany Spaniel Female 10yo OSChorioretinitis scar unknown origin



D-EYE vet presentation website and online shop



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